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3 R’s Egg Carton Crafts!

3 R’s Egg Carton Crafts!

Easter is fast approaching, and as eggs are commonly used up the cartons are thrown into the trash. That leftover carton could be put to good use through games and crafts with children at home. This is beneficial in teaching about the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by demonstration and use of material. These examples allow for various learning opportunities, each one starting with an egg carton.

Here are 5 crafts using leftover egg cartons:

  1. Egg Carton Number Toss– The perfect game to play that uses number recognition, matching, and hand-eye coordination skills for your child. Number toss turns those empty egg cartons into a game, try tossing candy into the cartons to make the game rewarding in the end! Source: Kid Activities Blog


2. Mini Egg Carton Volcanoes– Baking soda and vinegar eruptions are the classic science experiments to do at home. This activity can be done creatively and can really impress the kids. With a few simple twists, these mini volcanoes are a colorful experience. Source: Fun Littles 


3. DIY Rock Storage Collector– Looking for a fun project and learning opportunity? Try making a mineral and rock collection box, perfect for storing those rocks collected outside. Source: Mini Me Geology Blog 


4. Egg Carton Garden– Using egg cartons as seed holders can be a great learning experience for kids. They will learn about growing seeds and see the process day by day, just click the image and watch the short video to get started. Source: Babble Dabble Do


5. Egg Carton Matching Game– Learn how to identify numbers through the egg carton matching game.  This game is simple but very interactive for children that are learning their numbers. Mix it up by adding math equations or a variety of numbers instead! Source: Gift of Curiosity 


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