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A Fun Environmental Awareness Day!

A Fun Environmental Awareness Day!

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The mission of Keep Pearland Beautiful is to empower Pearland citizens to take responsibility for their environment. Though many of us regularly interact with the environment through hiking, biking, and outdoor activities, rarely are we mindful of our carbon footprint, the damage we cause daily through driving, and other personal behaviors that directly affect the planet on which we live. Though we celebrate Earth Day once a year, in actuality every day is Earth Day and there are things that each one of us can do to limit our effect on the planet and doing our best to preserve this environment for future generations to come.

Each year, to fulfill our mission, Keep Pearland Beautiful hosts a number of events in the community to bring to them an awareness about the environment. In addition to our Adopt a Spot program, which is visible throughout the City, KPB also hosts litter cleanups, environmental fairs, and other activities to educate the community on taking care of our cities environment.

This year, to kick off our “Great American Cleanup” activities, Keep Pearland Beautiful hosted Environmental Awareness Day on Saturday March 22, 2014 at the Westside Events Center and Zychlinski Park at the Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market. Both events featured a plant sale with native and adaptive herbs, vegetable plants, and flowering plants purchased from Conroe Greenhouses in Conroe, Texas.  Volunteers were also on hand to talk to people about membership in KPB and about the new recycling cart program in Pearland.  At the Westside Event Center some Girl Scouts helped KPB by running a craft activity for children.

Environmental Awareness Day and the Spring Plant Sale are the prelude events to the Great American Cleanup, a variety of events throughout April and May that celebrates all things environmental. Please view our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

KPB wishes to Thank Sabrina Koogler for documenting their family visit to Environmental Awareness Day through photos.


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