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Our 2012-2013 Board Members, Officers and Chairs, thank you for all that you do to help us fulfill our mission.

On September 21, Keep Pearland Beautiful held its annual board retreat at our offices in the Community Center. That day, our board members received training, reviewed our last fiscal year and set goals for FY 2013-2014.  KPB wishes to thank out going board members Kathy Duplissey, Helen Todd, Theresa Jordan, Richard Eskuchen, Janice Hallisey, Laura Austin, Marjorie Wilcoxson and Kay Powers for their years of service to KPB.

Another important task was to form committees to help in accomplishing the goals that the board members approved at the retreat. Committees are the “work horses” that get the job done. Keep Pearland Beautiful wants to invite anyone interested in helping to make Pearland the cleanest and most beautiful city in Texas to join a committee!

The following descriptions may help you decide how you might participate:


Solid Waste Management & Recycling

Chairperson – Debbie Cooley
Objective: To increase public knowledge and use of the Stella Roberts Recycling Center and curbside recycling program and other programs, including waste reduction, composting, and proper disposal, as part of the integrated approach to solid waste management.

  • Work with the city to assist in the operation and promotion of the Pearland Recycling Center.
  • Coordinate recycling programs for schools, businesses and organizations.
  • Investigate possibilities for expanding recycling programs.
  • Promote, publicize and educate the public about recycling and composting.
  • Coordinate and expand the Block Captain program.
  • Plan and promote special activities for Texas/America Recycles Day annually

Enforcement & Government

Chairperson – Buck Stevens
Objective: To work with city and law enforcement officials to review ordinances and the enforcement of ordinances and make appropriate recommendations, and to assist in educating citizens on consequences of violations of these ordinances.

  • Review city ordinances and work with city staff and elected officials to bring about changes in these ordinances in order to enhance the appearance and environment of the community.
  • Work with local officials to obtain grant funding for projects that will enhance the appearance and quality of life of the community.
  • Work with city’s solid waste enforcement officer and education committee to develop programs on litter and illegal dumping prevention for the local schools.
  • Encourage citizens and businesses to report violations of city weed/junk vehicle/illegal dump site ordinances.


Chairperson – Elizabeth Miller & Shelley Whistler
Objective: To work with the Pearland Independent School District, private schools, day care centers and area colleges and universities to educate students regarding litter, waste handling practices, recycling, composting and other environmental issues and to inform and educate school officials, teachers, semi-professional staff, clerical and maintenance staffs on these issues as well.

  • Work with administrators, teachers and PTA representatives to present environmental programs in all schools.
  • Work with school district to develop a comprehensive school-recycling program.
  • Promote the use of the KAB and KTB and other environmental curricula in the local schools at all levels.
  • Sponsor teacher-training workshops and encourage local educators to take advantage of training opportunities.
  • Promote the formation of environmental clubs on all school campuses.
  • Work with the staff and Pearland Parks and Recreation Department to sponsor after-school, weekend and summer environmental activities.
  • Provide awards and incentives for school environmental activities and encourage and help local school and youth groups to apply for state and national awards.


Litter Prevention & Cleanup

Chairperson – Debbie Cooley
Objective: To involve the entire community in projects that are designed to educate people and change their attitudes about the problems of littering.

  • Educate and promote the proper disposal of litter in vehicles
  • Sponsor “Adopt-A-Spot” program for litter control
  • Sponsor at least two community-wide cleanups annually, one in spring and one in fall
  • Partner with the Chamber of Commerce to promote and educate businesses about proper litter disposal throughout Pearland
  • Partner with the City of Pearland in setting up Litter Free public events
  • Do annually the Community Appearance Index
  • Do an annual Cigarette Litter Awareness Day


Beautification & Community Greening

Chairperson – Billie Jo Moffett
Objective: To promote programs, projects and actions that improve and enhance the appearance of the Pearland area.

  • Promote the planting of trees and other landscaping in Pearland
  • Work with city officials to encourage enforcement of the Landscape, Facade, Sign and Tree Preservation regulations in Pearland.
  • Administer the Keep Pearland Beautiful Beautification Grant Program.
  • Sponsor an Annual Arbor Day Celebration that includes such activities as a tree give-away and tree planting or dedication ceremony.
  • Sponsor and recruit volunteers for specific beautification projects selected by the committee.


Hike & Bike Trails

Chairperson – Helen Beckman
Objective: To promote the construction of a system of hike and bike trails and sidewalks throughout the Pearland area.

  • Sponsor fundraisers, such as the Tour De Lites, for the Keep Pearland Beautiful Hike & Bike Trail Fund.
  • Work with city parks department to develop plans for Hike & Bike Trails throughout the city.
  • Work with the city staff, planning and zoning commission and city council to promote the installation of sidewalks throughout the city.

Public Awareness & Community Leadership

Chairperson – Delores Fenwick
Objective: To work with the executive director to increase public awareness of environmental issues and educate the public on litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, composting and other environmental topics. To plan and execute all activities for the promotion of community involvement in the Keep Pearland Beautiful program, including increasing membership and promoting partnerships.

  • Sponsor at least two general meetings for Keep Pearland Beautiful membership each year — an Awards Dinner in the April and the Annual Meeting in November.
  • Recruit volunteers to help staff the Keep Pearland Beautiful booth at community events, such as the Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair and Meet the City.
  • Work with the director to design printed materials such as brochures and flyers to promote KPB programs.
  • Work with the staff to give recognition to members and volunteers when appropriate.

Subcommittee: Membership

Chairperson – Delores Fenwick
Objective: To increase membership in Keep Pearland Beautiful.

  • Plan a membership drive annually.
  • Plan ways to attract and retain members and volunteers throughout the year.
  • Work to involve local businesses in Keep Pearland Beautiful.

Fund Development

Chairperson – Joanne Knodel
Objective: To develop resources to sustain and expand the programs of Keep Pearland Beautiful.

  • Work with area businesses to secure corporate investors for Keep Pearland Beautiful.
  • Develop partnerships in the community that result in in-kind donations of goods and services for KPB programs.
  • Plan and implement fundraising events for Keep Pearland Beautiful.


Chairperson – Kendrick Gray
Objective: To oversee the financial management of Keep Pearland Beautiful.

  • Present to the board of directors a proposed budget no later than the September board meeting.
  • Plan and execute all activities for fund raising.
  • Conduct an annual audit.

Please call the offices of Keep Pearland Beautiful at 281-652-1659 or fill out the form below to sign up for any of the KPB committees.