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Can I grow fruit trees in Pearland?

Fruit trees grow very well in Pearland, Texas.  Having success growing fruit trees starts with picking the right trees  for your yard, having a water supply for dry spells and picking the right site to plant your tree(s).  In addition, every successful orchard has an owner with a proactive weed and pest management schedule.

The City of Pearland has an Edible Fruit Trail along a section of the Mary’s Creek Trail parallel to the 5000 block of Magnolia.  There are many different kinds of fruit trees and some fruit vines along the trail. Find a complete list of fruits and when they should be ripe here . For questions about the edible fruit trail contact the Urban Forester Tyler Froberg (

Another great resource for fruit trees is the Texas Agrilife Website (  The local county Agrilife extension office sponsors the Brazoria County Master Gardeners you can learn more about this group through their webpage  If you have a question about your garden, lawn, or trees call the Master Gardener’s help-line at 979-864-1558, ext. 119 or send your question via email to: [email protected].

So, yes we can grow fruit trees in Pearland.  The key to your success with fruit trees is to do your homework and put time into your orchard.  Every successful garden project happens because of the time you spend tending to your plants!

The garden lecture at 7pm on August 13, 2015 will be about “Stone Fruit Pest Management.”

Stone Fruit Pest Control (1)

Some examples of the stone fruits (or drupes) are cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines and almonds.

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