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Cigarette Butts are Litter

IMG_9074On February 20, 2016 Keep Pearland Beautiful will be hosting a cigarette litter awareness event. Every year it is hoped that volunteers will find less cigarettes than in years past.  This did happen last year.  Since no heavy rains have hit our area in several weeks, and the weather is projected to be good this year will be a good gauge of how many cigarettes are truly left at the 20 key intersections involved in our event.

UNLIKE other kinds of litter Cigarette Litter is a more intentional event.

People who litter cigarette butts and packaging do it with little thought about the impact on the environment.  Some reasons for this type of littering behavior:

  • the size small makes it easy to throw it down and not “see” it again
  • ignorance of the environmental impacts of cigarette butts
  • insufficient ash receptacles in public spaces
  • phase out of ash trays in automobiles
  • indoor smoking bans

To learn more about Cigarette Litter please check out the KPB Pinterest Board:

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