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Recycling Tires

Tires are recyclable and are used to make many products, from roads to sandals and other shoe materials.  In a landfill, tires leach out materials that are harmful to the environment.   In 2013 according to a report released by the Rubber Manufacturers Association 240 million light duty tires were disposed of in the U.S.  This is a lot of tires that need to be disposed of properly and of these only 8.2% are landfilled.

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In Texas, the simplest thing you can do is leave old tires with your local retailer when you buy new tires.  Since there is a mandatory fee added to your tire purchase you might as well take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of your worn out tires.  If you already have some old tires sitting in an old shed or the back of your garage you have a couple options in the City of Pearland:

  1. Take them to a tire retailer and for a small fee they will take your tires and recycle them.
  2. Save them until November 14, 2015 and Keep Pearland Beautiful will accept your tires (8 car and light duty truck tires that must be off the rim per Pearland resident).

If you want so ideas on reusing and recycling tires into projects for your house and garden please check out our Pinterest board on Tire Recycling and Repurposing.
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