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What is the benefit of your shade tree?

Trees are important oxygen producers, help provide energy saving shade and the presence of trees positively impacts our psychological well-being.

Some of these benefits of trees are difficult to quantify and measure.  Lucky for us the Davey Tree Company has a wonderful online tool that gives you an idea of how much money your shade tree is saving you.

Here is a sample of the benefit of one of the tree seedlings we are giving away on November 14, 2015 at our Arbor Day Celebration.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.10.43 PM



Visit the Davey National Tree Benefit Calculator input your zip code, type of tree and  the diameter of the trunk.  When  white oak grows that is 12″ in diameter saves $110. So, come by and visit Keep Pearland Beautiful on Nov. 14, 2015 at the Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market and get a seedling.  The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, the next best time it today!