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National Secondhand Wardrobe Day- August 25

National Secondhand Wardrobe Day- August 25

Reducing what we consume, recycling what we have used up and reusing nearly new items are the three R’s. Incorporating these three R’s in our daily lives is essential to reaching our goal of sustainability.  Buying things that have already been used by someone else is a great way to save money and to reduce your own carbon footprint. KPB loves to celebrate the three R’s everyday, Luckily there is a movement happening in America that could help us reduce waste: National Secondhand Wardrobe Day is this Sunday August 25. Buying clothes second hand and donating your used clothing creates a positive cycle that is crucial for cutting back our waste. Remember Secondhand shopping saves you money, has a positive impact on the environment, and can lead to a closet of some amazing vintage styles! So on August 25, head to your favorite thrift store and get some new to you threads! Visit our  REUSE page for local secondhand stores near you!

What can you do on National Secondhand Wardrobe Day?

Marie Kondo Method Anyone?  Secondhand stores run on donated clothing, an important thing you can do to keep this cycle moving is purge out your closet. Doesn’t bring you joy, donate it and someone will find the joy you were waiting on to be inspired! Once you’ve emptied your closet from the items you never wore, two great things happen:  1. Someone finds a new fashion treasure and 2. More space to add new items!

Dare to style outside of your comfort zone?  Shopping for a secondhand clothing means you can spend less money on those leather pants that you have been debating if you could actually pull it off. If you’re looking to dress outside of your typical fashion mold, visit a secondhand store and dare to bring your Pinterest board to life. If it works, add it to your everyday wear. If you doesn’t work, just donate it back…. Eventually someone will pick it up.

Why we celebrate National Secondhand Wardrobe Day….everyday?

Treasure hunt: Part of the excitement is that you never know what you find on a secondhand store trip. It’s a win-win situation you could find a designer bag for half the price or you could walk away empty-handed and still “saving” money.  Either way visiting often can help improve finding those hidden gems!

Children’s clothes: You can not go wrong shopping for children’s clothing at a secondhand store, ask any parent! When you consider that children grow every eight months, paying full price for the same clothes you can find at a secondhand store doesn’t always make sense financially.


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