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Pearland has Cigarette Litter!

Pearland has Cigarette Litter!

Cigarette Litter hurts the community in numerous ways.  According to the 2011 Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup survey, cigarette butts were once again identified as the number one most littered item, representing 32% of all debris counted. Also, Keep America Beautiful’s 2009 “Litter in America” research found the overall littering rate for cigarette butts is 65%, with tobacco products comprising 38% of all U.S. roadway litter.

Keep Pearland Beautiful, an environmental non-profit affiliated with Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful, hosted  its annual Cigarette Litter Awareness Day on Saturday February 8, 2014.  Entire families, high schools students and other Keep Pearland Beautiful volunteers left the community center at 12:45PM and picked up 20 Pearland street intersections.  Last year we sent out volunteers to pick up butts at 10 intersections in Pearland.  The count at those intersections was similar to last year with a count of 21170 cigarette butts. The additional 10 site brought our total butt count for this year’s event to 33,330.  The two spots with the largest number of cigarette butts were at Cullen (5750) and Old Chocolate Bayou (4000).  We will be targeting more cigarette litter education at Cullen & Broadway and Old Chocolate Bayou & Broadway by incorporating those intersections into our Community Service litter pick up rotation.

In 2011, cities and towns that implemented Keep America Beautiful’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program had an average reduction in cigarette butt litter of 54%.  While seemingly insignificant, dropping cigarette butts to the ground, putting them in planters, and disposing of them in waterways is littering. And there are consequences. Cigarette butt litter is unsightly, costly to clean up, and harmful to waterways and wildlife.

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