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Please Give Me a Cart ASAP!

Please Give Me a Cart ASAP!

Zane and his friend carry the “old” style 18 gallon recycling bin to the curb on recycling day. The new 96 gallon cart is 5 times bigger than the bin, easier to move on its wheels, and the lid will keep everything in the bin clean and dry.

A fervent recycler and photographer, my friend Sabrina Koogler is a busy mother of three active boys.  They routinely have enough recyclables to fill more than two of the smaller recycling bins.  When I asked Sabrina for her thoughts on getting the new cart here is what she messaged me back: “we will be so excited to have the cart!  We had a cart system when we lived in Ireland and it was nice. They charged us by the kilo for garbage/waste but recycling was free! And they only picked up either one every two weeks! Talk about having to have a smaller footprint! It was well worth it to us to separate the garbage from the recycling.”

“I have 3 different bins and some weeks they are overflowing, when will I get the 96 gallon cart?” another Facebook Keep Pearland Beautiful fan asked this after seeing the test carts in one Pearland neighborhood.  Even a family of two adults creates enough recycling in a typical week to more than fill a 18 gallon recycling bin.  More often than not they then throw away the overflow.  The new 96 gallon cart will keep the recyclables dry and even more importantly prevent items from becoming litter (after blowing out of the bin).

Cleanliness and putting the right things into our recycling carts are crucial to the success of our recycling program.  By maintaining a consistent message of only putting clean dry items in our bins we will train our community to “Recycle Right.” Contamination in your recycling results in higher costs to sort it and decrease in value because it isn’t clean.  The materials collected on the recycling route are taken to a “material recovery facility or MRF.”  The truck is weighed before it dumps its load on the tipping floor.  Then the materials are sorted by manual (or hand)pickers and various machinery including trammels, shakers, optical sorters, eddy current machines, blowers and magnets).  It costs the recovery facility down time when not acceptable items like plastic bags or other plastic films clog and breakdown the machinery.

In keeping with Pearland’s long history of curbside recycling (since 1992) and ongoing improvements to the Pearland recycling program single resident homes will be receiving 96 gallon recycling carts.  The City of Pearland and Waste Management have announced the roll out of 96-gallon recycling carts, with anticipated delivery to every Pearland residence by April 2014.  Once carts are delivered residents can use the new cart or choose to continue to use their 18 gallon bins. Every resident will see an increase to their utility bill of $1.67 whether or not they participate in the recycling cart program.  If you wish to not receive a cart or have some questions about what to put into your cart call the City of Pearland Utility Billing Department 281-652-1603.

Keep Pearland Beautiful (KPB) board president Debbie Cooley asks everyone to give the recycling cart a try.  “The area the cart occupies on your garage floor is about the same as the current 18 gallon bin, it is just a lot taller.” Ms. Cooley continued, “just toss all of your clean recyclables into your bin and as the new Waste Management campaign urges: Recycle Right. Recycle Often.”

Here are the CLEAN and DRY  items acceptable to put in your recycling cart/bin:

  • aluminum cans

  • tin or steel cans

  • glass bottles and jars

  • plastic bottles & containers (1,2,3,4,5,7) – excluding #6: Polystyrene

  • paper (dairy and juice cartons, paperboard, magazines, cardboard, newspapers, office paper, phone books and junk mail – remove all plastic wraps)

When recycling follow these rules:

  • DO NOT include containers with food still in them.

  • DO NOT put in liquids or soggy items.

  • DO NOT put in plastic bags and plastic package wraps (these can be recycled at most grocery stores like KPB supporters Walmart and HEB Plus!).

  • DO NOT include: broken/sharp glass, ceramic materials, cloth/clothing, food/yard waste, hazardous items, scrap metal, non-recyclable plastics (#6 polystyrene), liquids and frozen food containers.

Your recycling day has not changed (Pearland Interactive Maps – enter your address in the top right corner to find out more).  Recycling in Pearland is getting easier! Load your new cart up with all the “right stuff” as soon as you get it and roll it to the curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling day.  The carts should be placed on the street/curb with the front of the cart facing the street and the handle/wheels on the back-side of the cart facing your residence.

Participation is the key to the long term success of recycling.  It isn’t just about saving landfill space.  Energy savings and  saving non-renewable (raw) resources will lead to money savings.   Together the Pearland community can make a difference, we will make a difference by recycling the right stuff! 


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