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Waste in Place

Waste in Place

a KAB Environmental Curriculum Supplement and Activities 

The Waste in Place curriculum addresses the problem of waste and its disposal alternatives, and emphasizes responsible solid waste handling practices through hands-on activities for pre-K to 6th grade students. This unique curriculum aims to help youth have a better understanding of their community, the environment and to explore how they can make a difference in litter prevention and community improvement. It’s crucial that our future leaders understand waste issues and how waste can be managed. While there will always be garbage, it must be dealt with safely —  after recycling, composting, and source reduction have done their part.

Learn more about Waste in Place from Keep America Beautiful here.

Curriculum Goals

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of solid waste problems
  • Use hands-on activities to teach students how to properly dispose of and handle solid waste
  • Promote social responsibility
  • Use a behaviorally-based, systematic approach to changing attitudes and practices related to proper waste handling

You can find more about the WIP curriculum here.


Keep America Beautiful’s educational resources for teachers and their students provide a balanced perspective of waste and the options for its management in clear and user-friendly formats. Waste in Place uses an approach developed through three years of research and is consistent with recommendations from the National Board of Education, the National Science Teachers Association, the National Science Foundation, Science for All Americans and Project 2061. Some of these recommendations include utility, social responsibility, intrinsic value of knowledge, philosophical value, and childhood enrichment.

In the Classroom

The classroom curriculum supplement Waste in Place, for grades K-6, builds critical thinking, processing, and problem-solving skills through imaginative, hands-on lessons. Lessons can be taught individually or in sequence. The curriculum supplement contains over 40 lesson plans on many diverse subjects, including community greening  litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, landfills, and much more. Developed and field-tested by professional educators and waste experts, the curriculum supplement is being used nationwide by thousands of teachers to influence positive behavior, to foster social responsibility and respect for the environment, and to enrich the learning experience.

Please contact the office of Keep Pearland Beautiful at 281-489-2795 for more information about bringing some Waste in Place activities to your classroom.

UPCOMING: Waste in Place Workshop

No upcoming workshops, contact Lenora Tollefson for questions regarding the program.