Youth Environmental Council

The Keep Pearland Beautiful (KPB) youth environmental council is an organization designed to create youth environmental leaders through advisory service.  A prospective high school student will complete an application and personal interview before being chosen as a member of KPB’s Youth Environmental Council (YEC).  Students applying to be a part of the YEC must be entering their sophomore, junior and senior years of high school from the 4 Pearland area high schools (Glenda Dawson High School, Pearland High School, Shadowcreek High School and Robert Turner College and Career High School).

YEC students will have mandatory monthly meetings with a staff facilitator. These meetings function as opportunities to learn about program development, governmental regulations, and partnership opportunities. As YEC members the students will brainstorm, share ideas, and problem solve, while being mentored for leadership responsibilities. Each year, current members will develop or select a service project to complete as a board.

Additionally, students will work with KPB staff to prepare and lead presentations for scouts, elementary, and middle school students. They may also volunteer at exhibits and outreach events or work behind the scenes with KPB event preparation. Field trips may also be arranged to teach advisory members about water surface treatment plants, recycling, litter prevention, clean water, sustainability, reforestation, and other “green” programs.

Overall, the goal of this program is to promote youth leadership development and build confident, knowledgeable stewards of sustainability and environmental responsibility for Pearland.

To become a member of the 2017-2018 YEC please apply by June 14, 2017 using this link and have two letters of recommendation (one recommendation must come from a teacher from the 2016-2017 school year – email to [email protected])